How to Start with Brilliant Crypto and How to Earn with Cryptocurrency



Brilliant Crypto is a blockchain game developed by Brilliantcrypto Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of COLOPL Inc.

A blockchain game is a game created using blockchain technology, which is used for cryptocurrencies. It is a next-generation game where you can earn cryptocurrency while playing.

This is a project endorsed by Japanese Prime Minister Kishida.
It was announced that there is a project aimed at ‘creating a valuable economic zone in the metaverse.’ This project, expected to be rolled out from Japan to the world, holds significant promise.

The user base is global, and it is a world-scale project where people from all over the world participate in the game.

The cryptocurrency used in Brilliant Crypto is the Brilliant Crypto Token (BRIL), developed specifically for this game. It was listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck simultaneously with the game’s release.

The pre-listing purchase application set a record for the highest amount raised and the number of applicants in Coincheck’s IEO history, attracting significant attention.

The Overview of the Game

Users from around the world act as miners.

Users from around the world become miners in this mining game, aiming to acquire items such as gems (NFTs) and ores from the provided mines. The mined gems can be exchanged for BRIL to use as in-game currency or to generate revenue.

The key tool for this is the pickaxe.

The pickaxe is a crucial item in the game. You can purchase it from the in-game market or borrow it from those who have purchased it. The lender is called the ‘owner,’ and the borrower is called the ‘scaler.

If you’re playing as a scaler, you can play without any initial investment.

The price of the pickaxe

The price of the pickaxe is as follows:
MATIC is a cryptocurrency called Polygon and is traded on domestic and international cryptocurrency exchanges. As of June 17, 2024, the trading price is $0.6. Therefore, the price of one pickaxe, which is 300 MATIC, is $180.

It’s expensive, but it’s not a consumable item; it’s a digital asset. You can also sell it on the in-game market, and you might make a profit if you enhance it before selling.

The characteristics of the pickaxe

The pickaxe has four parameters, and you can improve its performance using BRIL.

The pickaxe wears out with continued use and eventually becomes unusable, but you can restore it using MATIC. Once a day, you can repair it without using MATIC.

Key items

In addition to the pickaxe, there are other items that are useful for progressing in the game. You can receive items as the mine level increases.

PickaxeA tool for digging mines.
DetectorA tool that responds to nearby ores. The response varies in three stages depending on the distance from the player to the ore. Upon reaching mining levels 10 and 20, the detection range can be expanded.
LadderA tool that allows movement between places with height differences. It can be connected to create a long ladder. It is provided as the mining level increases.
Mobile MapA device that allows you to check the map at hand. It can be used while moving, and the map rotates according to the player’s orientation.
MarkerA tool that can be placed as a waypoint. From the “Teleport Marker” menu, you can instantly move to the location where the marker was placed. Up to 30 markers can be placed.
Paint SprayA tool that allows you to freely draw markers or other signs. Continuous use will result in ink running out, making it unusable. It is provided as the mining level increases.
LightA tool that illuminates dark places. It is provided as the mining level increases.
BombA tool that instantly destroys the surrounding strata. Only the owner can use it. It is provided as the mining level increases.
Large BombA tool that instantly destroys a wider range of strata. Only the owner can use it. It can be obtained from treasure capsules found within the mine.

The rewards obtained from mining

By using the pickaxe to mine in the mine, you can obtain gems and ores.

OresThere are 85 of these buried per mine, and they can be exchanged for BRIL points after mining is completed.
GemsThere are 5 rough stones buried per mine, which can be polished into gems. Gems can be traded within the game, with the highest trading price as of June 18, 2024, being 2000 BRIL.
Exp stonesA large amount of experience points necessary for leveling up the mining level can be obtained. As the mining level increases, the mining power increases, and the detection range of the detector expands. Additionally, items necessary for exploration are awarded.

System Requirements

According to the official specifications, the following specs are recommended.

OSWindows 10 / 11 (64bit)、macOS 11 Big Sur
ProcessorIntel Core i5
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsHD Graphics 630 or equivalent or higher

How to Start the Game

1.Downloading the Game

Proof of Gaming | It's time to level-up your digital assets. Discover the value of authentic, digital gemstones with Bri...

2.Creating an in-game wallet and depositing MATIC.

Enter your email address and password to create an in-game account.

3.Starting the Game

Below is the home screen, which serves as the starting point for actions. Various menus are available.

If you want to start the game for free by borrowing another person’s pickaxe, choose GO MINING (for SCHOLAR).

Find a listing that matches your desired conditions from the list of scholar recruitments. The conditions you should pay attention to are as follows:

Mine levelThe higher the mine level, the more powerful the pickaxe becomes, making it easier to mine.
Distribution rateIt is the percentage share of the owner when mining gems. As a scholar, the higher the share you receive, the easier it is to earn BRIL.
Size predictionAll gems go to the owner’s share, so there is no benefit for the scholar even if they are mined.
Durability valueIf the durability value is low, the pickaxe won’t last long, making it impossible to mine for extended periods.
Raw oreRaw ores can be polished into gems, but since all gems go to the owner’s share, there is no benefit for the scholar even if they are mined.
Shining stoneThe higher the number of unmined shining stones remaining out of a total of 85, the higher the probability of successful mining.

Press the GO MINING button to start mining.

4.Tips for Progressing

1.The layers have both hard and soft areas, and there are differences in the number of times they can be broken. Therefore, it’s advisable to dig the softer layers first.

2.When a blue ore containing gems or BRIL is within the range of the detector, it reacts. It reacts more strongly when it’s closer, so use this as a clue to find gems

3.Each mine has its own level, and experience points accumulate through mining. You receive more experience points from yellow stones. As the mine level increases, mining power increases, the range of the detector expands, and you receive items.

Introduction to Brilliant Crypto AI

It is an AI that accurately answers questions about Brilliant Crypto.

It learns from announcements by the management and Q&A between users in the community. It is useful when you have questions during the game.

It is an AI that uses ChatGPT and is available for free. Please use the following link.